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22 days ago


One Shoe Records wrote 22 days ago

UK based producer Nxrth Road hits us with another epic EDM-infused trap banger! Skyline uses layered synths that exude a very gloomy and somewhat futuristic vibe from start to finish. Inspired by Clams Casino, it has a larger than life sound, that fills up all the space from ear to ear. From the heavy kicks and snares that echo throughout the track, dripping in reverb.


One Shoe Records commented on Adreyn Cash

23 days ago

It’s always important to keep your eye on what’s going on in the music scene across the pond. Our latest fascination, Adreyn Cash, is creating powerful R&B filled with heavy production contrasted by his sharp vocal ability. His newest single, “Gravity,” truly captivates on all fronts; songwriting, singing and production. Cash’s voice is the first thing you hear over a subtle set of drums as the track begins, until... @lyricallemonade
Gravity is nestled amongst a body of work titled "Illusions" which gracefully landed in 2019, a collection of songs where Adreyn pours out his everything in order to give us a truly formidable work of art. "Gravity" serves as part of a greater pathology that promises more great music and more great stories to come!

Adreyn Cash // Gravity by One Shoe Records

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