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Emily Reily commented on Edgar Allan Poets

10 months ago

These guys have a pretty distinct sound. Their bio claims "noir rock," along with alternative and classical elements. It sounds more like metal to me, but they just need to stick to one or two genres and they'll be ok.

EdgarAllanPoets ⚗

Emily Reily commented on Iskwe

2 years ago

Iskwe's vocals is like a chameleon, but it's not just vocal manipulation that makes her sound powerful, emotional and sincere. It's like a mix of electro-dance and 80s bravado. soundcloud.com/iskwe/soldier

Emily Reily commented on Tafari Anthony

2 years ago

He's very Seal-like but his voice is very soothing, and I like the clean piano-based production on this song.

To The End by Tafari Anthony

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