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Sam Deltour discovered Boudica

6 years ago

Sam Deltour wrote 6 years ago

With capital letters, but last.fm seems to change them...
Anyway, BOUDICA is british post-punk although I think there's more to them.


Demo published by Fat Cat

Sam Deltour commented on Mirel Wagner

6 years ago

New album out, available on Spotify
"When the cellar children see the light of day"

Sam Deltour discovered Sea Hero

8 years ago

Sea Hero

Sam Deltour wrote 8 years ago

Some good old postrock, thought they didn't make that anymore :)
Pretty good, although a bit too close to the EitS formula.

Sam Deltour commented on S O H N

8 years ago

Oscillate is a great song and deserved lots of airplay everywhere

Sam Deltour commented on Snoop Lion

8 years ago

wouldn't mind about it being easy, more about the quality of the music

Sam Deltour discovered John Smith

8 years ago

John Smith

Sam Deltour wrote 8 years ago

Singer-songwriter, sounds a bit like Nick Drake sometimes.
Very good songwriting, beautiful voice.
Should find another name though, way too common.

Sam Deltour discovered Gaggle

8 years ago


Sam Deltour wrote 8 years ago

Seems to be an alternative women choir...
That may sound rather unattractive, but this is not your usual choir stuff. Eclectic music, beats, raps, you name it they have it

Sam Deltour commented on Kwes

8 years ago

Apparently it should be "Kwes."
With the full stop.

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