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SiriusXM Host. Voted by Billboard Magazine & Paste Magazine Best on Social Media. I talk about Music News in the Media. 1 million followers across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and website views. Lifelong Musicaholic.

  • $3.39
  • Provided feedback to 111 artists.

Disco Naïveté

We ride the buzz with our knees pulled in.

  • electronic 29%
  • pop 23%
  • rock 15%
  • soul 8%
  • hip hop 7%
  • $10.17
  • Provided feedback to 94 artists.


Purveyors of Street-Credibility in the music industry since 2006. Based in Paris. Half French, Half British.

  • r&b 100%
  • pop 95%
  • soul 95%
  • rock 85%
  • electronic 75%
  • $8.14
  • Provided feedback to 171 artists.

Wordplay Magazine

My name is James Kennaby, I'm the managing editor for Wordplay Magazine, the UK's only print Hip Hop magazine. I have 10+ years experience as a promoter, artist manager, and talent development focused youth worker, so I have a keen ear for new music and potential talent.

  • $8.02
  • Provided feedback to 33 artists.

Visual Atelier 8

Visual Atelier 8 is an award-winning platform that empowers creatives and innovators. Eager to discover tomorrow’s new music talents, we unveil a highly curated selection of the best new sound design.

  • $11.30
  • Provided feedback to 1 artist.


HighClouds, Music Junkies’ Holy Bible. We run a music blog that has became a real multimedia platform. Our main focus is reviewing materials (album, EP, video, tracks) from new up and coming artists. We also cover the releases of established ones.

  • electronic 100%
  • rock 100%
  • pop 100%
  • r&b 100%
  • soul 100%
  • $11.30
  • Provided feedback to 365 artists.

We Plug Good Music

An innovation born out of a passion for new and emerging music, we aim to provide a platform to rival mainstream media and revolutionise the publication and curation of good music. We have now expanded beyond the sharing of emerging music into a wider array of music from all across the world.

  • $8.48
  • Provided feedback to 159 artists.

Music Like Dirt

One of the original UK music bloggers, circa 2005. 'Discoveries' include Adele, Scroobius Pip, Slaves, Benin City, Milo and many more. Regular judge for Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition and video journalist for BBC News

  • hip hop 100%
  • electronic 100%
  • reggae 100%
  • r&b 80%
  • soul 80%
  • $5.65
  • Recently joined

Jon Vilardi

Contributor for HighClouds, Sodwee, EARMILK, & Nation of Billions. My existence is spent finding the next song that I need to tell everyone I've ever met about. But, they won't listen, so I blog.

  • $7.91
  • Provided feedback to 128 artists.


Music site run by Darryl Sterdan, Canada's most-followed critic.

  • $5.65
  • Provided feedback to 35 artists.


Music platform to discover new songs from all over the world. One of the most influential music sites in Latin America. Strong Social Media Channels. Spotify platlist curators.

  • $7.91
  • Provided feedback to 51 artists.

Obscure Sound

Obscure Sound is an independent music blog formed in February 2006 by Mike Mineo. It has been featured or mentioned in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Toronto Star, The Guardian (UK), The Independent, The Observer (UK), Wired, BBC Radio 1, Stereogum, New York Magazine, and VH1’s Best Week Ever.

  • electronic 100%
  • hip hop 100%
  • folk 100%
  • pop 100%
  • rock 100%
  • $11.30
  • Provided feedback to 108 artists.

Free Bike Valet

Free Bike Valet is a California-focused music blog. Founder Dan Frazier is an entertainment journalist who has written for Entertainment Weekly, SPIN, NYLON, Paste, Alternative Press, BlackBook, and Flaunt among others.

  • rock 77%
  • electronic 10%
  • hip hop 6%
  • punk 2%
  • country 2%
  • $8.48
  • Provided feedback to 23 artists.

Stopify Music Canada

Stopify Canada Music is a Canadian French/English Musi¢ Blog dedicated to unveil to the world the work of numerous talented undiscovered musical artists.

  • $3.39
  • Provided feedback to 3 artists.

Samantha Daly

A managing editor for new music blog, Born Music. I also write for publications such as DIY and Dork on a freelance basis. Since last year, I have also been promoting my own monthly new music gig night hosting acts such as Anteros, Cosmo Sheldrake and more. Additionally, I now work for SYNCR.

  • $3.39
  • Provided feedback to 8 artists.

IGGY Magazine

IGGY Magazine is a place of artistic inspiration since 2012 that covers broad themes ranging from music, painting, street art, dance, cinema, photography and many more. We will be happy to give you our expertise and to publish some of you in our music category.

  • $5.65
  • Provided feedback to 1 artist.


An indie music media based in France since 2013, and the Bay Area more recently. We only share tunes we love through extensive reviews, playlists, live reports, and exclusive live sessions.

  • $3.96
  • Provided feedback to 2 artists.

[ TRIP HOP ] on Spotify

Hey there ! I'm the owner of one of the most popular Triphop playlist on spotify, with 65k followers. I love discovering new artists and share their work. Don't hesitate to submit me your tracks :) Also got some other playlists, feel free to check on my profile (Tech House, Hiphop etc.)

  • hip hop 100%
  • electronic 95%
  • jazz 95%
  • blues 40%
  • soul 40%
  • $7.80
  • Provided feedback to 13 artists.

Poppy Scarlett

I am a freelance writer with a blog called, Scarlett Notes. I write regular music reviews of unsigned artists and other industry-focused pieces. Through also being a musician, I aim to provide the best possible platform for artists to showcase material from, in order to build their audience.

  • $3.28
  • Recently joined


Mahogany operates a blog, live music promotion brand and a YouTube channel (Mahogany Sessions)

  • $11.30
  • Provided feedback to 4 artists.

Alex Rogers

Music Radio Person for BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra and BBC Music Introducing

  • rock 42%
  • pop 21%
  • country 19%
  • folk 13%
  • soul 3%
  • $3.39
  • Provided feedback to 87 artists.


We are a music blog based out of upstate NY with a propensity for writing about songs close to home, but we also with a keen ear for what's around the corner on the national level.

  • $4.63
  • Provided feedback to 57 artists.

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