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Sodwee commented on St. Francis Hotel

4 months ago

BRILLIANT new track right here featuring Theresa Wayman (Warpaint), Carla Azar (Autolux, Jack White) and many more to be announced... Listen to The Truth Is Dead right now. Indulge :

The Truth Is Dead feat. TT by St Francis Hotel

Sodwee commented on Amilli

5 months ago

Amilli is a 19 year old singer from Bochum, Germany and one of the most hyped acts here. Her breakthrough hit "Rarri" got more than 3.6 Mio Streams and following singles like "Oh My" or "Die for You (feat. Serious Klein)" took German radio by storm and gained features on Complex, Dummy Magazine amongst others.

Her debut EP "Wings" is an attempt at processing this new life as an artist, which Amilli, as she says herself, "slipped into by accident".

Amilli is an integral part of the musical landscape, while the 19-year-old never planned it that way. Phrases like "people recognise me that kinda terrifies me" show that she still has to get used to being in the public eye. On the other hand, it really empowers her to face her fears and overcome them. Like a mantra, the refrain echoes "we grow wings when we do the things that terrify us".

Sodwee commented on Låpsley

5 months ago

BACK WITH A NEW EP 'These Elements' out via XL on 22nd Nov. : First track

Låpsley - My Love Was Like The Rain
out now

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