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Sodwee commented on Jadu Heart

12 days ago

New Track from upcoming debut album, out on 23rd of August... It's titled "Wanderlife" (the single) :

Wanderlife (debut album 'Melt Away' now available to preorder on website) by jadu heart

Sodwee commented on Tim Ayre

a month ago

New tune LAXX out on 5th June. Banger.

Sodwee commented on Saint Lane

a month ago

New from Saint Lane on Sugary Sweet :

Saint Lane - Sugary Sweet (Official Lyric Video)

Sugary Sweet is about when my ex girlfriend cheated on me. At the time it was heartbreaking and I think when anybody gets cheated on the easiest thing to do is blame yourself and that's exactly what I did. There's so many "I don't need no man" r&b tunes I realised there's no equivalent for the fellas. This is taking the idea of "am I not good enough" and flipping it to "no I'm fine as hell. I'm sugary sweet and don't need anybody". It's a song for people who have been taken advantage of and now they are saying no, no, no.

Sodwee commented on POPI

a month ago

POPI is the project of a French music producer and saxophonist living in Stockholm. Under the names Neeco Delaf and POPI, he has received numerous support, among which The Times, Complex, La Belle Musique, Gaffa and Electronic North. His work also includes a remix on Warner Music, a track on a Café del Mar compilation and a collaboration with Swedish-American duo Flora Cash, known for their title “You’re somebody else”

Dans La Nuit Froide by POPI

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