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240th Best discoverer all-time

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Latest promising artists

Phil Lihp commented on Elias Bertini

8 days ago

Singer/songwriter raised in Switzerland and matured in London. He released a catchy new tune called 'Awkward'.

Elias Bertini- AWKWARD (Official Video)

Phil Lihp commented on Samantha Gongol

a month ago

Samantha Gongol (1/2 of Marian Hill) just released an ultra sexy song called 'Pearls' on the 'Fifty Shades Freed' soundtrack. The track went straight into my 'Let's get intimate' playlist. There's also a French version with Juliette Armanet called 'Ta Meilleure Ennemie'.

Phil Lihp commented on Shungudzo

a month ago

New track 'Come On Back' on the 'Fifty Shades Freed' soundtrack.

Phil Lihp commented on Lova

2 months ago

Debut single of Swedish artist LOVA : ‘You Me and The Silence’. SUPER catchy track.

LOVA - You Me and The Silence (Audio)

Phil Lihp commented on Self Esteem

2 months ago

Their song 'Surface to Air' on Django Django's latest album is AWESOME!

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