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VIRILE MUSIC discovered Nyrah Soull

15 days ago

Nyrah Soull

VIRILE MUSIC wrote 15 days ago

Nyrah Soull is an RnB and Blues Singer, based in London. Heavily influenced by Jazz and the Soul genre. The singer/songwriter explores new melodies providing her instrumentalist input in production, showcasing her influence from greats such as Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu and Jimi Hendrix. Her new single 'True Blues' is out here: open.spotify.com/track/19TEQJG4mLwqV6tDgTUfX2?si=zpmFlB8NTuWCWrt26mMZ_Q

VIRILE MUSIC commented on Lani Rose

2 months ago

New project out now:
"St. Louis, Missouri Native Lani Rose has released his debut EP 'Permanent Beta' through Terrible Records.

Throughout the whirling journey of the EP, Lani finds himself exploring the process of finding himself lost in the mass space of the world. Touching on themes of identity, heartbreak, fame, nostalgia and growing up.

The 5 track EP is Produced, Written and Sung by Myles Jelani Anderson. The intimacy of his experience is poured out over every track. Filled with reverb-ed guitars, pitched samples and vinyl noise, the EP is a kaleidoscope of Alternative music. A daze of psychedelic infused R&B, most prominent on the final track 'Love Forgets'. "


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