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15 days ago


discovered by Daisy Digital 15 days ago and labeled as promising 15 days ago

Album out tomorrow digitally and February physically. Great album....

Annnd it's out!

Senne wrote 10 days ago

So just five days after the first track was made public, there's already an album. As a listener, I actually prefer this approach. It's so much better than the usual “here's a new single every x months”, which eventually leads to an album made out of singles you already knew plus a couple of b-graded tracks. Now the album has so much more value on its own. 👌

Yeah I like this approach too.

Daisy Digital commented on Stella Donnelly

a year ago

Incredible debut video:

Stella Donnelly - 'Boys Will Be Boys' (Official Music Video)
(premiered on NPR!) + she just took home w/ 5 awards at the WAM Awards in Perth today.

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