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@enjoythismusic commented on Monogem

6 years ago

Awesome, awesome cover! Could easily match Banks - and she made my fav album of this year!

Monogem - Simple Things (Miguel Cover) by MONOGEM

@enjoythismusic commented on FKA

6 years ago

FKA Twigs is totally awesome, couldn't agree more, but yeah... you're about 1 year and 90k listeners too late...

@enjoythismusic commented on Real Magic

6 years ago

This is one of the must underappreciated musicians of the moment. I've recently bought the album and I simply love it. Although I'm a bit confused by "I'm not the girl you're taking home" in one song and "Nobody needs to see this weak and wounded man" in the other.

@enjoythismusic commented on Billie Black

6 years ago

Wow, you were fast! But to be honest, I don't really like her new song. It's one of the many En Vogue-ish songs...

@enjoythismusic commented on Pearl

6 years ago

Also not Japanese Rock... But it's nice, let's swing some hips :)

@enjoythismusic commented on Sheep, Dog & Wolf

7 years ago

Wow, nice! And the video is pretty cool, too. I can't remember having seen a three shot video where so little happened and yet stayed intriguing...

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