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Filip Breckx commented on Fazerdaze

2 years ago

'Lucky Girl' reminds me of Seapony, which is definitely a good thing. Liking it!

Filip Breckx discovered Free Time

6 years ago

Free Time

'Nania’s songs tell stories of following love across the world, of being unsure about the future and of his place in it. Like the trans-pacific ping pong of the last 2 years of his life, the songs veer between sweet sadness and wild exuberance.


Not sure if this band will be popular one day, but I absolutely like their song 'Nothing but Nice'.

Nothing but Nice:

Free Time - Nothin But Nice by underwaterpeoples

I Lost Again:

Free Time - I Lost Again by underwaterpeoples

Senne wrote 6 years ago

New video clip for I Lost Again.

Free Time - I Lost Again

yeah, nice track & nice vid, makes me think about listening to this sort of music more often once in a while...

Filip Breckx commented on Soak

6 years ago

Not the music I expected, given the bands image.


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