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Filip Breckx commented on Fazerdaze

4 years ago

'Lucky Girl' reminds me of Seapony, which is definitely a good thing. Liking it!

Filip Breckx commented on Soak

8 years ago

Not the music I expected, given the bands image.


Filip Breckx commented on Flashing Red Lights

9 years ago

Flashing Red Lights

discovered by Filip Breckx 9 years ago

Senne wrote 9 years ago

This video is 3 years old, but nonetheless worth a listen!


The non-accoustic version:

All Our Borders Are Crumbling by Flashing Red Lights by no music

Filip Breckx wrote 9 years ago

Wow, the accoustic version is fantastic!

Filip Breckx commented on ^

9 years ago

Where can I find some of their music?

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