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Illias Teirlinck discovered Future History

9 years ago

Future History

Indie Music Center
agreed 6 months ago

Illias Teirlinck wrote 9 years ago

Future History has an undeniable intensity that connects and leaves a lasting impression. Bare-soul lyrics and non-traditional elements have created a distinctive sound and live show that has brought continuous opportunities and recognition.

Illias Teirlinck discovered Nitemoves

9 years ago


Illias Teirlinck wrote 9 years ago

Nitemoves is the electronic guise and internet handle of musician/sound designer Rory O'Connor. While supporting other electronic artists as a drummer (Tycho, Com Truise), O'Connor quietly composed his debut release, 'Longlines', in 3-6 hour chunks occupying the back seat of a moving car.

Championing influence from Satie, Jenkinson, & Corgan, the work was composed with the whole in mind, rather than a collection of isolated microcosms. It is a conscious endeavor in variety and continuity, attempting to bridge the gap between influences that have a tendency to contradict each other.

Illias Teirlinck discovered Imaginary Family

9 years ago

Imaginary Family

Illias Teirlinck wrote 9 years ago

Imaginary Family is the project of Joanna Isselé, a lady that was born in the French Alps but currently resides in Ghent, Belgium. Her parents gave her an acoustic guitar for her 15th birthday, and off she was. Romantic folk is her thing, yet it is a very minimalistic take on folk with the sparse guitar arrangement - maybe because she’s left-handed but plays the right-handed guitar upside down.

(via disco naïveté)

Illias Teirlinck commented on Doseone

9 years ago


discovered by Illias Teirlinck 9 years ago

Illias Teirlinck wrote 9 years ago

The abstract rap veteran Doseone is a member of a whole lot of groups — cLOUDDEAD, Themselves, Subtle, 13 & God, probably a couple of others I’m forgetting. But his new album G Is For Deep is entirely a solo affair, and it’s the first solo thing he’s released on longtime home Anticon.

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