150th Best discoverer all-time

  • 185pts Influence
  • 158pts Discoveries
  • 212pts Agrees
  • electronic
  • rock
  • pop
  • hip hop
  • r&b

This user’s preferred genres.

Jince commented on Juice WRLD

22 days ago

Jan 2019 follower/listener count:

778k on soundcloud
23.1mil on spotify

Jince commented on Crumb

3 months ago

5,742 followers on SC
715,675 monthly listeners on Spotify

Jince commented on Take A Daytrip

3 months ago

holy shit, these dudes are producing 80% of the hot songs right now

Jince commented on Juice WRLD

4 months ago

Oct 2018:

613k followers on sc

18.6mil monthly listeners on spotify

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