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Jorge Mir discovered Nicolas Godin

5 years ago

Nicolas Godin

  • 3 users agree

Jorge Mir wrote 5 years ago

Of the band Air, solo album coming.

Gabriela Garcia wrote 5 years ago

nice video!

Nicolas Godin - Orca (Official Video)

Going Solo wrote 5 years ago

New song feat Thomas Mars

Nicolas Godin - Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde (Official Video)

Jorge Mir discovered Nightmare Boy

6 years ago

Nightmare Boy

Jorge Mir wrote 6 years ago

NiGHTMARE BOY is Barrie-James O'Neill of the band Kassidy, best known for his collaborations with Lana Del Rey. (He's also her ex-boyfriend.) O'Neill co-wrote "Brooklyn Baby" on Ultraviolence and duetted with Del Rey on a cover of "Summer Wine" (via Pitchfork).

Jorge Mir commented on Seoul

6 years ago

They should really get on with it and release more stuff.

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