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ponydanceclyde discovered Schwarz Dont Crack

7 years ago

Schwarz Dont Crack

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ponydanceclyde wrote 7 years ago

You might have noticed that RnB is back since a couple of years, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, you name it. But did you know, that we have our very own asskickin’ Berlin RnB babes rising up? Schwarz Dont Crack have been heating up Berlin’s club scene with their minimalistic, deep tunes, spiced up with some serious soulful singing and 90s drum machines. Now, they are about to drop that long awaited debut EP on BPitch Control in early 2013. Schwarz Dont Crack are Ahmad Larnes, hailing from tha NYC and Sebastian Kreis from Southern Germany – and let’s just say we are MORE than happy these two met to privide us with some serious sex tunes. Damn!

Lay You Down by Schwarz Dont Crack

ponydanceclyde discovered Jogging House

7 years ago

Jogging House

ponydanceclyde wrote 7 years ago

While days are running by so fast, you can feel the cold air lash your face, Frankfurt-based producer Jogging House brutally pulls us out of this mess with his new EP Longings, released this week on Noorden. Longings shows consistent beatmaking quality from the start to the end of the six tracks, where bouncy RnB-beats drown in sleek chillwave-infused electronic productions. It’s a lo-fi album as hypnotic as it gets, mystified by reverberand synths and clarified by a simplicity that takes some character.

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