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Radrad Co commented on BØRNS

7 years ago

I swear I thought he was a she. this is fantastic!

Radrad Co discovered corporate lo-fi

7 years ago

corporate lo-fi

Radrad Co wrote 7 years ago

from their Last.fm page:

Most supergroups don’t usually like being called supergroups, perhaps out of sheer modesty, or the fact that they don’t like riding on the popularity of their other musical credentials.

Whether they like it or not, though, Corporate Lo-Fi are a supergroup, and one with an impressive resume at that; Sun Valley Crew, the Itchyworms, Sugarfree, Wahijuara, Ciudad, Saxophoro, Bagetsafonik, and Salindiwa are just a number of the dynamic Filipino outfits that the members of Corporate Lo-Fi have hailed from.

Hold Me Down by Corporate Lo-Fi

Radrad Co commented on Low Leaf

7 years ago

wait, is she from the Philippines? "Bahay Kubo" is a song from my childhood about a shanty and all the vegetables that can be found there. THIS IS FANTASTIC

Radrad Co commented on Low Leaf

7 years ago

so many textures and layers to ther sound.. i am liking this! :) ?

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