20th Best discoverer all-time

  • 469pts Influence
  • 251pts Discoveries
  • 282pts Agrees
  • folk
  • rock
  • pop
  • soul
  • electronic
  • jazz
  • hip hop
  • r&b
  • punk
  • reggae
  • country
  • blues

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Senne commented on Queue

2 months ago

New music coming up? Last song I can find is from 2018.

Senne commented on Elio

2 months ago

I guess the eleven agrees made in the last four days are for the My Friends Online’s ELIO. :)

Senne commented on Sway Clarke

2 months ago

Three new agrees, but the latest release I can find is from two years ago. Am I missing anything?

Senne commented on Jordana

2 months ago

I'm really looking forward to her debut album later this month. Definitely one of my favorite acts at the moment.

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