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HumanHuman brings together the music industry’s tastemakers. With Campaigns you directly promote your music to our users and get personal feedback in return.

Used by artists 7842 times so far.

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What’s included in a campaign?

  • Present your music and background information to the music industry’s tastemakers in a personal and private way.
  • Embed audio and video from Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, BandCamp and many more platforms. Secret links work just fine!
  • Include a high resolution image such as your press picture.
  • Write a compelling introduction and add links to your website and social media pages.
  • Add up to five questions you’d like to see answered. It’s a great way to get specific feedback or to get featured on that blog or playlist.
  • Your campaign always stays private to you and the people who you send it to. It won’t be shared with anyone else!
  • Didn’t get feedback? You will get a 70% refund immediately. The other 30% accounts for promoting your music.
  • Create a campaign of $84.76 or more and get one day of promotion on our homepage for free! (Optional offer. View example.)

Prices in $ are by example only.
Campaigns are billed in € EUR.


I founded HumanHuman

  • folk 100%
  • rock 100%
  • pop 80%
  • soul 75%
  • electronic 70%
  • $9.61
  • Provided feedback to 48 artists.

SiriusXM Host. Voted by Billboard Magazine & Paste Magazine Best on Social Media. I talk about Music News in the Media. 1 million followers across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and website views. Lifelong Musicaholic.

  • $3.39
  • Provided feedback to 144 artists.

Disco Naïveté

We ride the buzz with our knees pulled in.

  • electronic 29%
  • pop 23%
  • rock 15%
  • soul 8%
  • hip hop 7%
  • $10.17
  • Provided feedback to 102 artists.


EDMS is a YouTube promo channel with over 200k subscribers that aims to promote idiosyncratic and unique electronic music from all genres. Our record label EDMS Collective, our independent collective, helps talent float to the top.

  • electronic 100%
  • pop 50%
  • $5.09
  • Provided feedback to 4 artists.

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